Ah kissing


Ah kissing is a public art work performed by the public in public spaces. It is a deceptively simple work that operates through the choreography of the attention of many kissing couples. Ah kissing emerges gradually, quietly inscribing itself into the existing environment, as one by one couples gather and begin to kiss. They move slowly between kissing, gazing and holding, their attention continuously on each other. Resisting an overtly sexual expression, the work both enacts and evokes the commonality of human connection. After a while the kissing couples, one by one, separate and gradually depart, melting again into the city’s movements.

Kissers are gathered through a public callout for participants. At Buzzcut and DanceLive the kissers were accompanied by bagpiper James Harper

Ah kissing at Buzzcut 2017. Image credit Ian Abbott
Ah kissing at Nottdance 2017. Image credit Kyle Hough

Nottdance Nottingham March 2017
Buzzcut Glasgow April 2017
DanceLive Aberdeen October 2017

Nottdance review: “I was struck by the capacity of  [Ah kissing] not only to supply a public spectacle, but to challenge, provoke, and quietly shift the meaning of what it was we were doing out in town on a weekend afternoon, out among strangers, among each other.” Nathan Thomas. Full review here

Buzzcut review: “an utter delight” Laura Kressly. Full review here

Article that discusses the piece is on this website here

Ah kissing is originally commissioned and produced by Dance4

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