Slow syncopating (variation on 5 breath cycles)

a score for 2-5 performers

preparing the phrase:
create a movement phrase in five breath cycles
each breath to correspond with a particular movement
each breath is long and slow
all breaths – in and out – are of equal duration
the first movement is on an inbreath
begin in a standing position
use mostly upper body movement
no movement should be repeated
within the phrase include a period of stillness
duration of stillness is 3 breaths – ie 1 inbreath, 1 outbreath, 1 inbreath –
movement resumes on the next outbreath

practising syncopating breath:
performers side by side, breathing in the timing of the phrase
every second performer change their breath pattern
so that when performer 1 is on inbreath performer 2 is on outbreath etc
maintain this staggered/syncopating breath pattern while performing the phrase

the score:
perform the 5 breath cycle phrase 5 times while syncopating breath
cycle 1: begin one after the other in a simple canon. Each performer will be one breath (ie one inbreath) behind the performer who starts before them
cycle 2: continue performing the phrase while syncopating breath
cycle 3: continue performing the phrase and begin falling extremely slowly towards the floor
cycle 4: continue performing the phrase and slowly falling
cycle 5: continue performing the phrase and slowly falling. You do not reach the floor. When first performer has completed the last outbreath of the fifth cycle all take a sharp inbreath and rise. Be still on outbreath. As inbreath begins – disperse

Further info
a breath is an inbreath or an outbreath
a breath cycle is an inbreath and an outbreath
The score is conceived for movement
It can also be carried out in sound – and maybe in other ways too
published 28 June 2017

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