5 breath cycles (for a serial choreography)

create a movement phrase in five breath cycles
in such a way that each inbreath and each outbreath
corresponds with a particular movement
let there be variety in the phrase eg in quality, spatial range and timing
no movement should be repeated
the length of each breath may vary

perform your 5 breath cycles – and continue to repeat it
while doing this, don’t hold the breath
just allow your breath to be longer or shorter as it ‘needs’
at the same time adjust the movement so as to maintain
correspondence with the breath
each new cycle is a repetition (with adjustments)
of the cycle you have just completed

perform your 5 breath cycles 5 times or as long as you choose
keeping on adjusting breath and movement

Further info
You can do this alone or with others
The score is conceived for movement
It can also be carried out in sound, drawing, text and maybe other ways too
published 20 June 2017

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