Breathing a line together

face your partner
gaze at each other
let your focus be soft
let your attention be on your breath
let what you are seeing come in
gradually bring your breath into sync with each other
no need to rush
no need to hold your breath
keep gazing and breathing in sync
let your focus move to the pencil
reach for the pencil (both hold)
place tip of pencil on paper
return gaze to each other
find your breath in sync with each other again
close your eyes
still breathing in sync
on the out breath begin to draw a line
be still on the in breath
continue drawing the line on the out breath
still on the in breath
and keep going
both leading
both following

Further info
This is a moving drawing score for two people
You can choose a drawing surface other than paper
and drawing material other than pencil
published 30 April 2017

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