All leaking …

All leaking one into the other
Breathing slowly
Collapsing more slowly while
Dissolving a picture of yourself in your mind’s eye
Easing your body over the surfaces you are descending towards
Flipping one body part, and another, and another
Going on with this
Holding your head up – in spite of everything –
Interrupting any thoughts of succeeding

Join the up-ness of your head until all of you is up
Keening softly as you rise
Let the keening buoy you up
Manage a smile
Narrate the names of those you have loved

Orientating your body towards the future, your mind to the past
Perform an act of longing for what’s to come
Quench the longing a little by
Reaching in ways you’ve not reached before
Scale up what you are doing
Tinker with
Varying the means while
Watching curiously

X stands for any actions you choose – perform these
Yielding one into another
Zig zag zig zag zig zag

Further info
You can do this alone or with others
This is a performance score – but you might choose to carry out the score in other ways
published 4 February 2017

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